Rest Sleep Time

Due to being a long day preschool, sleep time is included in our daily routine. Sleep is important for your child’s growth and often deters unhappy afternoon behaviour and accidents due to being tired. In order to meet the individual needs of the children in our care we offer the following sleep/rest routine in consultation with each child’s parent/guardian. Parents are able to decide whether their child will be a sleeper or just rest/relax whilst at preschool.   Sleepers Children requiring a sleep at preschool will need to provide their own cot sheet set in a drawstring bag (single drawstring) each day they attend. These can be left here and taken home on their last day of care each week for laundering. Sleepers will go on a bed after lunch time at approximately 1pm. They are then able to sleep up until 2:40pm where any child still sleeping will gently be woken by staff.

  • Parents are also able to request a shorter sleep time for their child.
  • At any time throughout the year parents are able to move their child from being a sleeper to a rester after discussion with staff.
  • Due to the ages of the children dummies or bottles are not permitted at sleep time.
  • A soft Comfort toy such as a small teddy are allowed at sleep time and often help your child when first settling into preschool.
Rest/Relaxation Time Rest/relaxation will be provided for all non-sleeping children. These children will rest on the preschool mats for ½ an hour from 1:00 to 1.30pm. Staff will discuss the need to give our bodies and brains a short rest to ensure it has enough energy for the afternoon. We feel this is very important in order to minimise behavioural issues and accidents due to the children being tired.
  • Staff will inform parents if their child consistently falls asleep during rest/relaxation time and discuss the need for them to perhaps have a sleep whilst at preschool.
  A daily fee of $5 will be charged if the preschool has to supply a sheet set or sheets are not taken home on your child’s last day for the week for laundering. This money goes into the fundraising kitty.