Our Aim

In respect of the children

  • To provide a consistent, secure, active and positive learning environment.
  • To develop the whole child – social/emotional, cognitive, physical and language.
  • To meet the needs of the child as an individual in a developmentally appropriate way, through flexible, anti-bias program which reflects life’s changing circumstances.

In respect of the parents

  • To encourage involvement and participation in the preschool and its program.
  • To develop positive relationships and increase the understanding of children through open communication between parents and staff.
  • To recognize parents as the primary influence in their child’s life and to work with them to provide the best possible care and education.
  • To consider the needs of the whole family, providing a welcoming and supportive environment.
  • To foster positive relationships between families.

In respect of the community

  • To provide a high quality Early Childhood Service.
  • To provide a transitional link between home and formal school.
  • To build an awareness of the needs of people in the community.
  • To promote a positive image of the preschool within the local community.

We Provide:

    • Careful supervision within a flexible program with regular, small group times that meets the immediate and long term needs of the children in all developmental areas and on an individual basis.
A program that encourages children’s choices and individual creativity to develop at children’s own pace in a loving, secure, safe, friendly environment that is child orientated and is controlled by caring, competent adults.
  • The children with experiences that will help them cope with life’s changing circumstances through opportunities to socialize with other children and adults.
  • A working environment that promotes staff contentment and consistency for children and families via a stable staff roster.