Daily Routine

From 2017 due to the increase in ages of the children in our care being 2yrs 9 month minimum at the start of the year (needs to turn 3 by the end of March) our centres daily routine will be changing to the following.

 7:45am  Free play indoors - all children together on arrival (this time includes outdoor setup)  
 8:50am   Sunscreen will be applied at 8.30am by staff - any child arriving after this time will be the responsibility of their parent to apply sunscreen and stamp their hand indicating it has been applied  
 9:00am   Outside play including Morning tea for those wanting at approx. 9:30am  
 10:30am  Children divided into Twinkling Stars - 2.9 to 3.9/4 years (aaprox) and Sunshine Room - 3.9/4 years to 6 years (approx.)Music/Language group times  
 11.00am   Art and Craft in divided rooms - 2.9 to 3.9/4 years and 3.9 years to 6 years (ages are approximate)  
 12:00pm   Language or Music group times  
12:30pm   Lunch  
 1:00pm   Sleep/Rest time on bedsNon sleeping children have 1/2 hour rest/relaxation time on the preschool mats  
 1:30pm   Non Sleepers play inside/on veranda  
 2.40pm   Alphabet Time/News  
 3:00pm   Outside play including Afternoon tea (for those wanting)  
 4:30pm   Games time/Music/Dance /Indoor/Outdoor play  
 5:45pm  Centre closes