Our Philosophy

Everyone has personal beliefs but common ground needs to be found in order to provide a high level of care in an atmosphere which is loving, caring and educational. Therefore staff, no matter what qualification or experience they hold work as team members to ensure that each child’s individual needs are catered for, and that learning experiences within the preschool are pleasurable for your child.

We aim to:

  • Recognize, accept and support each child and family as unique and individual entities who have their own ideas and needs, and to be inclusive of all children and families regardless of their cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The centre offers an ‘open door policy’ and aims to build strong partnerships with families and trusting relationships with the children in our care.
  • To converse with the children at eye level and to never talk down to them thus assisting in building positive self-esteem in children.
  • Have consistent policies/guidelines throughout the preschool but be prepared to adjust them to suit the changing needs of the individuals in the service.
  • Make health and hygiene a high priority.

We Encourage:

  • Empathy in children and encourage them to help each other.
  • Children to listen to each other and adults.
  • Relationships between the centre and children’s families on a day to day basis as well as family involvement in our preschool to greater understand each child’s background.

We Provide:

  • Careful supervision within a flexible program with regular, small group times that meets the immediate and long term needs of the children in all developmental areas and on an individual basis.
  • A program that encourages children’s choices and individual creativity to develop at children’s own pace in a loving, secure, safe, friendly environment that is child orientated and is controlled by caring, competent adults.
  • The children with experiences that will help them cope with life’s changing circumstances through opportunities to socialize with other children and adults.
  • A working environment that promotes staff contentment and consistency for children and families via a stable staff roster.